Managing Employee’s productivity in Covid

If you’re reading this, I will assume you manage a team or are in a leadership role. Having a management position or any position that leads and overlooks other people’s work and productivity. During a pandemic- hard- isn’t a strong enough word. Your routine has been thrown off, your team’s routine has been thrown off, and everyone is separated. So, how do you keep our employees engaged with their work, motivated and productive?

Stay connected

The pandemic has caused considerable changes to our everyday lives. How we connect has taken a severe hit. You and your team may have anxiety surrounding the pandemic and sudden significant changes such as irritation, stress and low morale.

This situation could quickly snowball into a crisis for your company. Trying to stay connected with your employees and encouraging them to stay connected with each other is crucial and can positively affect everyone’s mental health right now.

Encourage healthy habits

Staying healthy and being as healthy as possible has never been as important as now that the world is experiencing a pandemic. Having your employees work remotely is a smart move to keep everyone healthy. However, isolation can also have a negative effect on people’s health. Encouraging your employees to take health breaks, whether that means getting up and moving, having a healthy snack or participating in a group fitness session via zoom.

This can significantly impact productivity; if people don’t feel well, they won’t be as productive or show up as their best selves.

Have a continuity plan in place

Going through a pandemic has driven the point home to business’ how important it is to have a continuity plan in times of crisis. Having a continuity plan will help employees feel safe and secure in their positions, knowing that there is a plan in place in times of crisis and their role to get back to normal during the aftermath.

Keep everyone informed

As the pandemic rages on with threats of new variants and new waves, it has never been more important to keep your staff informed. Keeping everyone informed of the plans for the near future and distant future will go a long way in easing minds and taking some stress off your employees. Even if your not certain, communicate that to your employees, keep them in the loop.

Encourage socializing

Encouraging your staff to stay social- virtually, of course- is crucial to help combat anxiety and irritation. Being socially isolated is not something most people are used to. Setting up something as simple as a coffee break meeting and encouraging employees to join in and chat in an open environment. Whatever way you encourage virtual socializing is a great way to try and increase productivity.

We don’t know how much longer people will be required to work from home, or if working in an office will ever be what it was pre-pandemic. Working on ways to stay connected to your employees and help to boost productivity is something as a person in a leadership position must now add to your workload.

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