7 tips for flawless summer makeup

Summer is a beautiful time of the year. After emerging from the winter months, we are eager to get some sun. When getting ready in the morning, there are some tricks you can do to have perfect summer makeup.

Here are 7 tips to keep your makeup in place while you enjoy the warmer weather.

  1. Primer

Applying a primer only takes a few seconds but will make a huge difference with your makeup throughout the day. Primer goes on after moisturizer and before makeup. A primer’s purpose is to keep your makeup on your face and not slide around or wipe off, especially during the summer. Finding a primer with hyaluronic acid will help soften wrinkles, making a smooth surface for makeup application.

  • Sunscreen

This is not makeup, but it is so important it needs to be on the list. Some foundations come with an SPF rating. That’s great, but it is not enough at any time of the year, especially during the summer when the sun is extra harsh. Your future skin will thank you for adding sunscreen to your beauty regime.

  • Lips

Opt for a more sheer lip or a lip stain and save the thick lipstick for fall and winter. Keeping your makeup light and airy during the summer will give you that sun goddess look we are all after.

  • BB, CC or Tinted Moisturizer

Keeping your foundation light and airy during the summer months will let your skin breathe and won’t look so harsh in the summer heat. Also, keeping your foundation light will let that beautiful summer glow show through, and there’s nothing more beautiful than your natural beauty shining through.

  • Mascara

Mascara can be tricky in the summer. The heat can cause unwanted curling that can result in breakage and clumping.  Try using an eyelash curler first, then a lash primer, and then your favorite mascara to lock those lashes into place. Another thing to consider is using waterproof mascara. I know some people don’t like them, but they will save your mascara from running and only need a little extra elbow grease to remove at the end of the day.

  • Blush

A powdered blush can quickly become cakey. Try using a cream blush or even a stain to give you that beautiful color to your cheeks. To help with longevity, try lightly dusting a setting powder on top to lock the blush into place; just don’t get too heavy-handed.

  • Use a setting spray

If you plan to spend time outside, it’s a good idea to finish your makeup with a finishing spray. To avoid your makeup from getting shiny or slick. Now get out there and live yo

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