7 Productivity Hacks for winners

We have all, at some point or another have needed help with being more productive. Maybe you’re falling behind at work or home. Either way, it’s a terrible feeling. There are some great hacks to help improve your productivity and get you back on track. No need to feel guilty or shame yourself, your human; it happens. 

Here are a few tips to get you back on track and increase productivity.

Finish what you start

You will be getting into the habit of finishing a task completely. This is a simple hack to ensure you don’t have a pile of unfinished tasks left here and there. Finish your laundry on laundry day, meaning don’t just wash and dry; put it away. Don’t just wash dishes to sit in the dish rack. Dry them and put them away.

Finishing a task will free up so much time and space. You don’t have to go back and complete a task from the morning or the day before. You can move onto the next task with a clear mind.

Baby steps

This is a good hack for large, daunting tasks. Write down the very next step and do that. Don’t think about what comes next; focus on the task at hand. This will help to stop any feelings of being overwhelmed. When you’re done that small step, what’s the next step?

Breaking a big task down into manageable steps will help to move through the task without feeling overwhelmed

Make wins list

As you go through the day or even at the end of your day. Make a list of all your wins from the day, whether it’s filing a report you’ve been putting off, working out that day or cleaning your car. No matter big or small, write down your wins for the day. Each win added to the list will help to amp up your motivation to get more done.

Complete similar tasks at the same time

Create lists of similar tasks and complete them at the same time. Doing this will help to keep you focused instead of jumping around from task to task. It will give you direction and help you to complete several tasks efficiently

Find your most productive time

Learning what time of the day you are at your most productive and taking advantage of that time is an excellent way to be your most productive self. If you’re an afternoon person but pushing yourself to be productive in the morning, you’re not going to get very far. This may take some tuning into your body; we have been programmed to get up early and get things done. You’re fighting a losing battle if you’re not at your most productive in the morning.

Use automation

A great way to stay on track with repetitive tasks, like paying bills, is to set them to be taken out of your account automatically. This will save you time and make sure these tasks are done on time.

Do the 5-second countdown

When you find your motivation dwindling, as it will, countdown in your head or out loud to 5, then get up and do whatever task you need to. When you hit 0, don’t think. Just get up and do it.

Using one or two of these hacks will help you get more done and feel more accomplished.

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