5 reasons to buy an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5

When choosing a game console, you used to base your decision on what your friends are playing. To ensure your game systems are compatible with multiplayer games. This is no longer an issue for gamers.

Games are now, for the most part, cross-play and cross-platform. Making it possible for you to buy what you really want, instead of what your friends have.

When discussing differences between consoles, a lot of people like to compare the power of the

consoles. However, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 are so close it is not even worth spending your

time worrying about which is more powerful.

Below we have five reasons why the Xbox Series X is a better purchase than the PS5

So, now you

  1. Game pass: having access to what seems like an endless supply of games for a minimal fee is by far the best feature that Xbox offers. Game pass is constantly evolving and adding new games. Not to mention adding games on the day they are released, no waiting time for new games. This is an excellent feature of Xbox Series X and is unrivalled by any other game system.
  2. Extensive compatibility with old games: Xbox Series X is compatible with the most recent generation of games, but you can even play games from years ago. Think as far back as the original Xbox. Keeping your gameplay endless and timeless, you can indulge in some great games from years past or spend your day playing the most recently released games. There are no limits to your gameplay on an Xbox Series X.
  3. Connect your Cloud and Xbox Series X:  the Xbox Series X console can be made the epicentre of all your gaming, but you can connect your cloud account to your game pass account and play your favourite games on your PC.
  4. Quick resume: this feature may seem minor to an onlooker, but being able to start multiple games from where you left off immediately; Is a big deal. This feature allows you to jump around a few games, not worry about losing your progress or logging in and out of the games.
  5. Microsoft exclusives: going with an Xbox Series X over a PS5 leaves you privy to Microsoft offers that are exclusive to Xbox owners. Not to forget the advantage of having access to games on release day, thanks to game pass.

At the end of the day, these are both great gaming systems that you are sure to get hours of your favourite games on. These are just a few reasons the Xbox Series X is a better purchase than the PS5.

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